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MARCUDO® Card Attachment Labels for Otto Künnecke machines

Product description

Böwe Systec Fusion 2
Dimensions 38 mm x 170 mm
Labels per roll 13.000 pieces
Color Transparent
Luminesce possible
Thickness ~ 170 µ
Liner Paper or Foil
Length 170 m
Outer diameter ~ 240 mm
Core 76 mm
Adhesive strength according to AFERA 5001
Permanent adhesive 10 N / 25mm
Low-Tack adhesive 0,18-0,26 N / 25mm
Order number MA-020-ET-38170

Product characteristics

  • Removable without adhesive residue
  • Easy and damage-free removable
  • Processing up to 8.000 labels / hour
  • High bonding and safely regards different plastic card materials
  • No gluing of the cover letter after card removal
  • Label detection by luminescence
  • I.a. suitable for bonding PVC-Cards, ABS-Cards, PET-G-Cards and PC-Cards
The high-end label materials we supply are suitable for all card materials in terms of quality, and offer the following advantages (amongst others) over other quality levels available on the market:
  • Marcudo® material does not tear! => No costly machine down-time
  • Marcudo® adhesive does not cause tearing => Paper does not tear when removing the cards
  • Marcudo® material is less expensive than other products on the market
Renowned letter shops already benefit from the optimal price to quality ratio of the Marcudo® card attachment label materials. The success justified this decision.

All products undergo a strict quality control. Information based on our current knowledge and experience. The customer independently of this is liable to ensure proper use of our product for its indented use or application.

Marcudo® Card Attachment Labels match the recommendations given by the machine manufacturers.